JiuJiu vodka

is a modern-day message in a bottle. JiuJiu (pronounced juju) means good fortune or good karma in both the East and the West.

JiuJiu is based upon the uplifting idea that when you give someone a bottle of JiuJiu, you’re giving them the gift of good fortune or good karma as it is known in the East.

When you share a bottle of JiuJiu vodka, you are sharing a vodka made with the most pristine ingredients in the world including the world’s clearest spring water, and you are also sharing good hopes and dreams with your close friends and family.

JiuJiu Vodka is triple distilled and made with arguably the clearest and best tasting water in the world. The result of this simple yet magical mixture is the world’s purest Vodka. JiuJiu vodka has a viscosity like no other vodka you have ever tasted before. JiuJiu Vodka is artisanally made and Gluten Free.

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